Suzann is actively taking commissions, for inquiries, please email or call 612-619-4010.

“The relationships I have with my clients and subjects are a driving force in my work. I’m passionate about creating a visual collaboration that brings them as much joy in viewing it as I have in painting it.” — sb

When you see yourself or a loved one in a painting, you notice a mysterious blend of expressive art and the likeness of a person at a particular moment in time — it’s more than a picture, it’s an interpretation of personality and life. Suzann Beck is uniquely equipped to partner with you to make the painting you envision a reality.

Contact Suzann now to start the conversation in creating a gift for someone to treasure, commemorate an occasion like an anniversary, wedding, or graduation, or simply capture you or a loved one in art.

The Process

After an initial meeting with the client to establish direction of the portrait, Suzann will compile an estimate for the client’s approval and then schedule next steps. A portrait painted from life and/or the artist’s reference photography is ideal, but in challenging situations the artist can work with the client on other options. When painting from life, at least one 3-hour sitting is needed, while three or more is optimal. In the case of pets, children, and situations where a live sitting is unrealistic, additional photo reference and an in-person visit is helpful.

A retainer of half the fee will be required to start the painting with the remaining half to be paid on delivery of the painting. Depending on complexity and scheduling, roughly 6 to 12 months from the first sitting is the minimum for oil portraits. The painting will need a final varnish in 6 to 12 months, but can reside with the client until that time. Portraits created with dry media such as pastel and charcoal can have significantly shorter turn times depending on schedule availability. Minnesota sales tax, framing costs, shipping (if needed), and travel costs are the responsibility of the client.

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