Artist’s Statement

I have an inexplicable, irresistible urge to paint portraits. I’m continually fascinated by the fact that a painting can be more “real” than a photograph. My portraits seem to have a tangible physical depth and a presence that can convince you they feel an emotion, are about to move, or take a breath.

When I paint a portrait, I don’t focus on painting the perfect nose or flawless skin. I want to capture something much deeper than that. I want to paint the beauty of a subject that comes from their singular uniqueness, their imperfections, the personality that sparkles in their eyes.

Thank you for visiting my work, and please don’t hesitate to reach out, for whatever reason.


Suzann Beck is a Minneapolis-based commissioned portrait artist and instructor. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Moorhead State University, Moorhead MN, studied portraiture with local artists Judith Anthony and Jeffery Hurinenko, and figure drawing with Michael Mentler, Dallas, Texas. Suzann is an award-winning oil and pastel portrait painter, serves as an Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America, and organizes the Minnesota Portrait Network, a resource for the Minnesota members of the Portrait Society of America. She holds painting and drawing classes in her Northeast Minneapolis studio as well as teaching workshops at art centers in the Metro area and St. Cloud, MN.


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